Fly Fishing

Trout Fishing - RMNP
Fly Fishing – RMNP

I’ve never tried fly fishing, looks like too much work.  I’m not much of a fisherman anyway; I fish with an empty hook and a six-pack.

Since everything in Rocky Mountain National Park is “catch and release” anyway, you might as well try the most difficult form of fishing; i.e. without bait.  As I understand it, fly fishing is whipping around this very long and light line with nothing but a “fly” on the end of it, trying to entice the trout to jump out of the water and snag a fake fly to its own demise.   If you’re successful, at least in the National Parks, you are rewarded by letting your catch go, pat yourself on the back and try again.

I have to admit, there must be some attraction to it, out there in the wilderness, alone with Mother Nature (and this pesky city-slicker photographer) on equal terms with your prey. The fresh air, the babbling brook and majestic scenery are all positives.  I really admired this guy’s patience and perseverance, but I’d just bet he was looking forward to “Miller Time”.

Thought for the Day:  No life is so happy and so pleasant as that of the well-governed angler.  Izaak Walton

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