Chatham Beach

Seaside Memorial
Seaside Memorial

What happened here?  There is a cross at the edge of the sea grass, above high tide, on the beach near the Chatham Light House on Cape Cod.  The name, “Melissa”, is neatly engraved on the cross, and a pair of surf siders lay at its base.

This scene begs a lot of questions:  Who is Melissa?  How old was she?  Is she buried here? (most likely not) Are these her shoes, or a friends?  Who, what, why, when and where?

It was minutes before sunrise when I arrived; I came mainly to photograph the lighthouse (click here). But the beach was inviting, with its broad expanse of sand that stretches over 500 yards along the shoreline and easy access from a large paved public parking lot.  It must be very popular in the summer.  After shooting the lighthouse from the parking lot, I went down to the beach to get a different angle of the lighthouse.  After some time, I came upon this cross.  I was alone now, the sunrise seekers long gone from the parking lot.  Peaceful, very quiet, except for nature sounds of seagulls, wind, and surf.  I’m alone … with Melissa?

Thought for the Day:  As long as you think you’re green, you will grow.  As soon as you think you’re ripe, you’ll rot.   Scott Horten

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