Giant Mum

Single Mum Plant
Single Mum Plant

In the spirit of Believe-It-Or-Not, this giant mum, a single plant mind you, has over 700 blooms on it.   We happened to be there at the right time to see it in all of its glory, mid-October.  It measures approx. 4′ high with a diameter to match.  From a distance, it looks like a giant snow-cone.

It was found in the Conservatory (click here) at the Longwood Gardens, a 1,000 acre estate of the du Pont family near Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

A guide told us there is an even bigger one with over 1,000 blooms, but would not be on display until all the blooms opened.  These giant mums have been cultivated over many years by the world-class horticulturists of Longwood Gardens.

Thought for the Day:  Gardens are not made by singing, “Oh, how beautiful!”, and sitting in the shade.   Rudyard Kipling



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