Advent Calendar

Counting the Days
Counting the Days

Advent is the period leading up to Christmas, where time is taken to prepare for the celebration of Christ’s “coming”.  The tradition was started by German Lutherans in the 19th century, beginning on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, which falls between November 27 and December 3.  Today, most western Christian churches follow this custom, and light a candle for each Sunday leading up to December 25th..

The general public, however, has simplified the Advent season, probably for commercial reasons, by always starting on December 1st.  This is a compromise date, so all commercial Advent calendars have 24 days starting on December 1st.

This little tyke, doesn’t know her numbers yet, let alone a calendar, but she sure enjoys sticking the “presents” and other Christmas symbols on the Advent tree.

Thought for the Day:  There’s nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child.   Erma Bombeck

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