Cattle Branding
Cattle Branding
Branding Irons
Branding Irons

Once the calf is dragged from the pen, two cowboys hold it down while it is tagged, immunized, cast-rated (males only), and branded.  The calf does not put up much of a fight, the cowboys/girls know how to hold them down.  There is a lot of bawling, but not from the calf — the cows make all the racket.

This all takes place in about 30 seconds.  Everyone knows their job and performs like a well-trained military unit.  By the time the calf is let loose, the roper is dragging another calf out of the pen.  The cowboys get quite a workout wrestling the 150+ pound calves, the calf scampers off as if nothing has happened.

The red-hot branding irons remain hot enough to brand only two calves.

Thought for the Day:  Trust your neighbor, but brand your cattle.     Anonymous

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