Polar Plunge

Polar Plunge
Polar Plunge

It’s Valentine’s Day in the Midwest, it’s cold, it’s freezing, the lakes are frozen, the sky is overcast, the temperature is 22, and the wind is gusting to 30 mph.  So, what do you do for fun?  You pay $50 to jump into the ice water to benefit the Special Olympics.

This band of dare-devil penguins were from the US Bank team — clever costumes, but not much warmer than the skinny-dippers.  Each “plunger” had to raise or pay $50 to qualify for this year’s dip.  It’s more than just dipping your toe in the water.  To be a real plunger, you have to wade out about 50′ and touch a mannequin wearing a bikini.

It was a lot of fun to watch, but my camera’s battery froze up twice in 30 minutes.  Hats off to the brave/crazy souls who flirted with hypothermia to raise money for the Special Olympics!

Thought for the Day:  Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it.             Steven Wright



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