Umbrellas - Sanibel Island
Umbrellas – Sanibel Island

This is a pretty scene, but missing a few key ingredients needed to hang it on my wall. First of all, the sky is boring, pretty, but no interest, needs a few puffy clouds.  Secondly, there is no distinct horizon line, the sky and water are almost identical in color–once again, boring, no waves or ships to provide more depth to the image.

Additionally, there is no detail in the white umbrellas.  The umbrellas are far enough away to maybe let this point slide a bit, but they appear formless to me.  If not for the blue background, they would be almost invisible.  Finally, the umbrellas are not as sharp as I’d like them.

March has come in like a lion, so I continue to post images with warm ideas, albeit not flawless photography.

Thought for the Day:  Old age is coming at a really bad time.

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