Digital Magic

Sunset Hand Stand
Sunset Hand Stand

My ten year old granddaughter was practicing her gymnastics on the dock of our lake in Nebraska on the July 4th weekend.  That was three years ago.

The sunset is a scanned copy of a 1968 photo of a sunset on the Oahe Reservoir near Pierre, SD.  I made a composite of the two digital images to arrive at the image above.

This is modern day photography — digital photography.  Ansel Adams worked similar magic, albeit much more difficult in his day, with the developing process of his era.   Photoshopping is the generic term given for digital manipulation of images taken with a digital camera, and some people call it cheating, but none of Ansel Adam’s great works came directly out of his camera, they were all created in the dark room.

Thought for the Day:  You don’t take a photograph, you make it.    Ansel Adams


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