Hump Day

What Day Is It?
What Day Is It?

You’ve seen the commercial, the camel roaming through the office asking every bored office worker what day it is in a voice that sounds like Yogi Bear with a New York accent.  “Uh-oh, guess what day is it!?  Awe c’mon, I know you can hear me.  Leslie, guess what day is it.  Mike, mike mike mike mike mike, what day is it?” etc. etc. etc.

I had a chance to get up close and personal with this camel who would take you for a ride around the Bethlehem parking lot for 10 Shekels.  As far as camels go, he was a nice one, the best one I ever met … the only one.

Would you say he is good looking?  Hard to say with those chompers, dental hygiene is probably not a priority.  He didn’t look cuddly to me, barely pettable actually.  To sum up his looks, I’d say his mother is the only one who finds him adorable.

Thought for the Day:  I distrust camels, and anyone else that can go a week without a drink.      Joe E. Lewis

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