Dead Sea

1250' below sea level
1250′ below sea level

The Dead Sea is a geologically interesting place, 418 meters below sea level (approx. 1250′).  Fresh water flows out of the Sea of Galilee, down the Jordan River and into the Dead Sea, where it is trapped and dies … unable to support life of any kind.  Its 32% salt content is nine times that of the oceans, but its minerals are much valued for cosmetics.

Mud Bath
Mud Bath

You can literally float sitting up and reading a newspaper while “swimming” (photos on request) in the Dead Sea. But the real attraction is the mud baths; people come from all over the world seeking the youthful invigoration provided by the minerals in the mud of the Dead Sea.

Personally, I was thrilled just to beat the heat by sipping a beer in the lowest bar in the world.  While it wasn’t the best beer I’ve ever had (Israel’s “home brew” doesn’t quite match the German, Irish or Czech beer), it was probably the most unique atmosphere.

Thought for the Day:  Always yield to temptation because it may not pass your way again.   Anonymous


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