Nazareth Bike Shop

Nazareth, Israel - Bike Shop
Nazareth, Israel – Bike Shop
Young Shop Keepers
Young Shop Keepers

Walking along the streets of Nazareth, the line of bicycles caught my eye.  It’s not uncommon for the shop keepers to display their goods on the sidewalk. (Click here for another Nazareth street scene.)

Notice how gas cans are used as traffic cones to separate pedestrians from street vehicles, and, of course the discarded pop can, proving once again that Coke is a world-wide brand.

But, the prize of this experience was the two young shop keepers minding the bike shop. They sat at the front door to the shop hawking their wares to passers by, and were all too willing to pose for my picture.

Thought for the Day:  Be the reason someone smiles today.

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