Long Day

Long Day in the Saddle
Long Day in the Saddle
Phoebe and Blonde
Phoebe and Blonde

It was a hot muggy July day at the Saunders County Fair Grounds in Wahoo, NE, with threatening thunderstorms that occasionally hid the blinding sun.  My 16 year-old granddaughter competed in four events in the 4-H horse show: halter, Western pleasure riding, pole bending and barrel racing.

The first event was early morning, and her last event wasn’t concluded until after 6:00 PM. Lots of down time between events, which allows the tension to build while waiting to compete.

Both the horse and rider are young and inexperienced, and still getting acquainted. She earned two blue ribbons, but the valuable lessons learned here will last a lifetime.


Thought for the Day:  Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell ’em, “Certainly, I can!”  Then get busy and learn how to do it.                               Theodore Roosevelt

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