Wailing Wall Collage

Wailing Wall - Jerusalem
Wailing Wall – Jerusalem

The Wailing Wall is the most holy site of the Jewish faith.  Formally named the Western Wall, it is what remains of the western wall of the Second Temple, the same temple where Jesus scorned the tax collectors and money lenders.  The entire Temple area was leveled by the Romans in 69 AD to quell the Jewish uprising.

My visit was mid-morning of a week day, and observed many things during the short time I was there:  men and women are separated in their worship at the Wall; most were conservatively dressed as Orthodox Jews; heads must be covered regardless of your faith; men back up several paces from the Wall before turning to leave; activities included praying, some singing or chanting, reciting scripture, studying, and religious ceremony, like Bar Mitzvah.

What impressed me most was the emotion emitted from the worshippers:  Their trance-like concentration, devotion, observance of and submission to their faith, piety, reverence, and homage to their ancestry.   I tried to bring out some of those emotions in this collage.

Thought for the Day:  Prayer is a good thing, but while calling on the gods, a man should himself lend a hand.   Hippocrates  460-377 BC


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