Jerico Law Enforcement

Jerico Police
Jerico Police

Jerico is in “Area A” of the West Bank, which is totally controlled by the Palestinian Authority.  While visiting, I noticed these two policemen at the end of the block.  I had read they are friendly to Westerners, non-Jewish of course, so I decided to check it out.

Palestinian Military
Palestinian Military

I approached them and asked (gestured) them if I could take their picture.  The young guy on the right got a stern look on his face and shook his head, “no”.   The jolly guy on the left, slapped his partner lightly on the shoulder, raised his hands, palms up, and said something that I interpreted as, “Hey!  What’s the big deal?  This stupid American will probably brag about us on Facebook.”

I took the picture, then showed it to them on the camera’s LCD screen.  Then the sober puss on the right broke into a big smile and said, “Numba One!”

The two men in the picture at left are Palestinian military, standing on the corner at the other end of the block.  I decided not to press my luck and took this shot using a telephoto zoom lens.

Thought for the Day:  Law stands mute in the midst of arms.                                                                                                                           Cicero  (106 BC  –  43 BC)

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