Dying Industry

Dying Industry - Omaha
Dying Industry – Omaha

Northwest of Saddle Creek Road and Leavenworth Street sits the rusting hulk of a bygone industrial era in Omaha history.  The Omaha Steel Casting (“OSC”) plant opened in 1906, and I was fortunate to get a tour of the plant before it closed in 2014.   Click here and here for photos and stories of the plant operations.

The plant was antiquated and landlocked by the cemetery on the west and major development in every other direction.  OSC sold the property to University of Nebraska Medical Center and opened a new plant in Wahoo, NE.

The hospital and cemetery, side by side, will be a better fit for both of them.

Thought for the Day:  Death should not be seen as the end but as a very effective way to cut down expenses.    Woody Allen

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