Wild Basin – RMNP

Lower Copeland Falls
Lower Copeland Falls

The southeastern part of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado is called Wild Basin. I had never been to this area until my brother took me there a few weeks ago.  Less than half a mile from the Wild Basin trail head is the Lower Copeland Falls.

I thought this was a beautiful scene when I took the shot, but the processed version looks even better than I remember it.  Just the opposite from the shot I took at Bear Lake (click here), where I remember the scene being much more breath-taking than I could create with my camera and post processing.

It’s funny how your eye sees things differently from the camera; no amount of technology has been able to come close to what the human eye can record on the human brain.  High-end professional cameras can record only about six stops of light (a “stop” is an incremental measure of light; i.e. tonal contrast between light and dark).  But the eye can differentiate 21 stops of light.  Think about that.

Thought for the Day:  Landscape photography is the supreme test for the photographer — and often the supreme disappointment.   Ansel Adams

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