Learning the Routine
Learning the Routine
Carly, 12
Carly, 12

I attended my first cheer leading exhibition this past weekend; it was a dress rehearsal for my granddaughter’s cheer team before they enter the competition season.  I didn’t know what to expect from a bunch of middle-school cheer leader wannabees.

I was impressed with their energy (middle- schoolers, duh), enthusiasm and teamwork.  I have nothing to compare to, but all the girls seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Who knows what goes on behind the scenes or during the stress of the competition season; cat fights come to mind.   RrrrrRRRhhh!

That evening, I watched the 3-6 Huskers knock off the undefeated sixth-ranked Michigan State Spartans 39-38 with 17 seconds left. When the game clock read 0:00, the entire state became cheer leaders.

Thought for the Day:  Without cheer leaders, it’s just a game.    Anonymous


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