Daddy’s Home!

Daddy's Home
Daddy’s Home

RE: Veteran’s Day.   This image reminds me of my first encounter with my 18 month old son when I returned from Viet Nam.  He was four months old when I got drafted, six months old when I left for Viet Nam and 18 months old when I returned.

There were awkward moments at first; he was too young to remember me when I left and I was a total stranger to him when I returned.  At some point, he got the message that I was here to stay.

Hats off and many thanks to the servicemen/women who have left their families behind to serve their country.  The multiple Middle East deployments expected of current military families is beyond my comprehension.  Thank you all for your dedicated service.

Thought for the Day:   We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us.   Winston Churchill

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