An Omaha institution is closing its doors at the end of this year.  Piccolo’s is the last of the Caniglia-related family-owned Italian restaurants in Omaha.  Originally named Piccolo Pete’s, it opened 81 years ago.  The family lived upstairs and the kids were raised learning the business.  After four generations in South Omaha, its tough to see it close.

Omaha Italian steak houses were known for their great steaks that always came with a tossed salad, bread, huge baked potato  and a side of pasta.  First time visitors, especially ones from out of town, would always give the pasta a second look and inform the waitress that they didn’t order pasta with their steak.  The career-waitresses would always smile and say, “It comes with the meal, Hon.”  Steak, chicken or seafood, it didn’t matter, you got pasta with it.

Just downright good food that none of the big chain restaurants will ever match.

Thought for the Day:  At the table with good friends and family, you do not grow old.                                                                                                                                        Italian Proverb

One thought on “Piccolo’s

  1. That is too bad that they are closing. It was always good. I remember it back in the early ‘60’s when I use to deliver the World Herald to them on my paper route, and it was Piccolo Pete’s then.



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