Santa Claus

Chillin' with Santa
Chillin’ with Santa

Only eleven more days until Christmas, crunch time for preparations.  Long lists of things to do: finding a tree, hanging outdoor lights, shopping, Christmas decorations from the attic, new ornaments, discarding broken ornaments, poinsettias, gathering firewood, card-writing, eggnog, donations, setting mouse traps, travel arrangements, nativity scene, jumper cables, baking, special church services, traffic, parties, visitations, school holiday concerts, caroling, ice scraper, stockings, well-wishing, family traditions, tips for the barber, mailman and paperboy, Christmas dinner menu, wrapping paper, stamps, decorating cookies,, snow blower, and, of course … visiting Santa.

All of this frantic activity is going on while the lines to see Santa at the shopping mall get longer and longer.  Unbridled excitement spreads like the plague among the children. Last minute instructions on how to act on Santa’s lap from stressed-out parents compounds the angst.   The kids that leave Santa screaming and crying provide second thoughts to the toddlers still in line.

But, for this three year old, Santa was just another friendly face.

Thought for the Day:  He enjoys true leisure who has time to improve his soul’s estate.                                                                                                                        Henry David Thoreau


3 thoughts on “Santa Claus

  1. Hello!!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    This picture is unique in that it looks surreal, almost more like a painting. Is it just me, or did you have a trick up your sleeve? Would make a great puzzle!

    Happy New Year☺

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