Surprise Visitor
Surprise Visitor

Thirty minutes before sunrise, I was on a rocky ledge overlooking the Serengeti Plain, hoping to catch some pinks and purples peaking through the clouds.  The lookout point was an extended part of  Lobo Lodge, where we stayed on the second night of safari; it had a railing, which made me feel safe.   (Later, at breakfast, I learned that no one was to leave the Lodge between sunset and sunrise, AND other guests had a lion growling outside their window in the early morning hours.  YOLO)

Before I got my tripod in place, this baboon appears out of nowhere.  My heart jumped into my throat and scenes from “Planet of the Apes” flashed through my brain.  I jumped. He jumped … disappeared, only to return moments later.  I made a quick movement with my hand, and he crouched, ready to jump back into hiding.  A truce was formed.

After a few minutes of getting acquainted, he turned and rambled back down the rocks.  Before long he reappeared, walking leisurely across the rocks from left to right.  The rest of his extended family followed him, each at their own pace, and each making notice of me like I was the grand marshal in the parades’ review stand.

Thought for the Day:  The question is:  Who … are you?                                                                                                              Rafiki — baboon in The Lion King


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