Awkward Moment
Awkward Moment
Natural Alarm System
Natural Alarm System

There were plenty of giraffe sightings during the 5-day safari.  This scene was was rather unusual, as the giraffe was grazing in the grass, where normally, they are found feeding from the iconic Acacia Tree shown in the back ground.

At the left, the giraffe stands above the acacia tree and eats from the top.  The bird on the giraffe’s head is typical; the guide told us giraffes have poor eyesight, and the bird acts as the giraffes’ alarm signal when predators are near.  The bird feeds off the insects that gather around the giraffe’s head.

The giraffe is the national symbol of Tanzania.

Thought for the Day:  Well, as giraffes say, “you don’t get no leaves unless you stick your neck out.”                                  Sid Waddell


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