Seed Pod

Waiting for Spring

I captured this lone milkweed towering above the dying prairie grass in the late fall.  The native tall grasses that survive the blistering heat of Midwest summers were drying up after reaching heights of 4 to 6′ and falling over from their own weight.   Milkweed was about the only thing standing that altered my direction during this leisurely stroll through virgin prairie.

By now, the wispy seed heads have long been unleashed by the wind, blowing hither and yon until they found a spot to wait out the winter.  Somehow, the weeds, all kinds, find a way to survive and make a nuisance in fields and gardens.  A menace to farmers, ranchers and home gardeners the milkweed has its own form of beauty in the fall, and will even make its way into beautiful flower arrangements.

Can’t wait for weed season.

Thought for the Day:  More grows in the garden than the gardener sows.                                                                                                                                  Spanish Proverb

One thought on “Seed Pod

  1. The milkweed plant is needed by the monarch butterfly to survive. Home gardeners have been urged to plant milkweed seeds in order to help the monarch survive.


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