Wanted – Burrowing Owls

Mug Shots
Mug Shots

The search for safe habitat for Burrowing Owls on Marco Island, Florida continues.  This particular species of owls are considered Endangered and everything possible is being done to protect them.  When their burrows are spotted on empty lots a perch is provided and the area around their burrow is roped off in a 20′ square.  Once a birds’ burrow is found, no further development is allowed on the lot.  Very expensive real estate is standing idle to care for these birds.

Because of the hand-made perch (the “hand of Man”), I knew I wouldn’t be able to enter either of these photos in a Nature Category contest, so I created this Wanted poster, with both a frontal and profile picture.   The owls are active during the day, but stand only 8-11″ tall and difficult to spot unless you come across a roped off burrow … provided by Man.

There were two different empty lots in the neighborhood where I was staying, so it was easy for me to spend time on surveillance.   If you’re patient, you can get close to the ropes, but every move is watched closely.

Thought for the Day:  Everything will be owl right.

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