Two Ladies and a Rose

Yellow Rose
Yellow Rose
Two Flower Lovers
Two Flower Lovers

I like flowers.  I like all plants, especially those you can eat, and not-so-much those that make you itch or sneeze.  Like this yellow rose, e.g; beautiful, gorgeous, a sight to behold.

But there is a limit to how long I can stare at one plant.  Not so with the “plant ladies”, who stood in one place for several minutes discussing one plant — I mean several minutes.  Not just pretty flowers, like this rose, or unusual plants that are hard to find or difficult to grow, but each and every plant they encountered at Lauritzen Gardens.

Good for them, better than sitting around all day complaining about the juvenile delinquents running across their lawn.

Thought for the Day:   A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.       Shakespeare

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