Serengeti Stand Off

Stand Off
Stand Off

I was in Serengeti National Park in northern Tanzania, perched on top of a high bank watching a hippo pool below.  The small river flowed toward me straight out of the northern horizon, made a left turn at my feet and headed east.  Several hippo families were lazing in the river’s elbow.

The 6,000 lb hippo came rumbling out of the bush on my left, “trotting” down the rocky river bank, heading straight for the river when it spotted the Nile crocodile sunning itself near the water.  I thought for sure I was about to witness a survival-of-the-fittest episode.

The hippo hesitated ever so slightly, but didn’t alter its course toward the water.  The croc came on full alert, stuck out its tongue, but didn’t budge an inch.  I guess they both agreed the river was big enough for both of them.  Why ruin a perfect day?

Thought for the Day:  There was never a good war or a bad peace.   Ben Franklin



One thought on “Serengeti Stand Off

  1. I enjoy traveling with you…through your photography. Additionally I like reading your comments. I believe you should write a book about life as you see it. Your writing style is exactly what readers seek.


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