Mall of America


The first day on safari was basically a long ride from civilization to the bush.  It was  a long day in the safari truck, with many stops.  One stop was a thatched hut, a t-shirt shop (commercialism knows no boundaries), known for its quality and fair prices.

A crazy location really, by itself, far from any village, let alone major city, but a popular stop for safari trucks.  Kids came out of nowhere to greet us and work their magic at pulling our heart strings.  Ages ranged from toddlers to 10-12, some well dressed, some in rags, but all were respectful.

People with gum or candy became instant celebrities among the Tanzania youngsters.  But this lad, hardly tall enough to see over his bike’s handle bars, stayed back and observed the scene with quiet reserve, like he’d been there and done that.  I mean, really, what was going to impress a young lad who has been to the Mall of America?

Thought for the Day:  Experience, travel — these are an education in themselves.                                                                                                                                              Euripides

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