Summer’s End

Rope Swing
Rope Swing

Hey!  Where’d everybody go?  It’s only mid-September, and I haven’t seen a soul for weeks.  I’m hanging here, limp and lifeless, all by myself without anyone to keep me company, not even an occasional rattle from the cottonwood leaves.

I have a feeling that I’d better get ready for nine months of loneliness.  I’ll hang on as best I can through the cold bitter winter.  The memories of the kids splashing in the water, motor boats whizzing by, kayaks and paddle boards moving lazily close to shore, fisherman, young and old, casting their lines off the dock, and sounds of laughter coming from all directions across the lake will sustain me through the seemingly endless cold and lonely nights.

Just the thought of tiny wet hands choking me above the knots and gleeful squeals falling away as I swing back for another rider is worth hanging around for another summer.                                                                                                                       Your faithful an loyal friend,                                                                                                                         Rope Swing

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