Store Front

Arroyo Seco Shop
Arroyo Seco Shop


Interesting store front: charming, colorful and inviting, decorative door, the primitive blue seat under the window, red peppers hanging by the door, blooming red flowers in pots, bright orange thermometer, and the for-looks-only sagging blue shutter.

Something about Arroyo Seco that I can’t quite put my finger on … well, Taos and the entire general area of New Mexico for that matter.  The area was settled in the 1800’s, and many original buildings still exist … so, they’re old.  I get that.  But are they all old or just made to look that way.  New adobe-and-timber construction would match the original buildings and look old within a year or two under the blazing sun.  The blistering heat peels paint so fast it looks like Kit Carson could still be in town.

Whatever, it’s a fascinating place to visit.

Thought for the Day:  Adventure is worthwhile.                        Aesop

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