Midwest Thanksgiving

Midwest Harvest
Midwest Harvest

Thanksgiving in the Midwest is closer to the original feast of the Pilgrims and Indians than any other place in the USA.

I don’t mean to imply people from large metropolitan areas, the coasts or mountain states have a lesser appreciation of the holiday or its meaning.  It’s not a put-down or slam of city folk.  I just think the connection to the holiday is closer in the Midwest.

The Midwest’s livelihood depends on agriculture, crops and livestock.  The farmers and ranchers work long hours 24/7, year-around, tending their livestock, preserving the land and maintaining their equipment, but no matter what they do, their success still depends on the weather and the grace of God.  It is this connection to the Land and faith in God that provides an authentic feeling of Thanks during this time of year.    Happy Thanksgiving!

Thought for the Day:  On Thanksgiving Day we celebrate our dependence.                                                                                                                              William Jennings Bryan

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