Regensburg Stone Bridge

Stone Bridge - completed 1142
Stone Bridge – completed 1146

In the southeastern corner of Germany, where the Naab and Regen rivers flow into the Danube River, lies a well-preserved medieval town of Regensburg.  The Stone Bridge, completed in 1146, was the first bridge across the Danube, which opened major trade routes between Venice and Northern Europe.  It was recently cleaned as part of an on-going restoration.

Allied bombers destroyed a Nazi oil refinery and aircraft factory in Regensburg, but left most of the town intact.  Parts of the original wall of a second century Roman fort still exist, and are incorporated in the old town’s present architecture.

Today, the old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site as the largest medieval town north of the Alps.  It has a rich history in the Holy Roman Empire.

Thought for the Day:  Adventure is worthwhile.               Aesop

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