Vienna Graffiti


Vienna Graffiti
Vienna Graffiti

The Danube River flows through the center of Old Vienna and graffiti is prevalent along its banks.  A beautiful city, even in the rain, but why are so many of the old buildings, walkways and retaining walls along the river vandalized with spray paint?  It looks out of place, almost revolting the way the “artists” have desecrated so much history.

But wait, the graffiti is actually encouraged along the banks of the Danube.   Gasp!  What knucklehead thought that would be a good idea?!

To preserve the beauty of the Vienna old town and save the expense of constantly cleaning the graffiti off historic buildings, the city fathers allowed the “artists” free reign along the banks of the Danube.  No crime to spray paint along the banks of the river, but the penalty for defacing buildings in the old town was greatly increased.  Apparently, it worked.

Thought for the Day:  As my artist statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance.     Calvin & Hobbs

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