Omaha House

31st and Mason Street
31st and Mason Street

This is a current picture of the house we lived in during 1971.  We were living in St. Louis when I got drafted in late 1970, so we moved back to Omaha to be closer to family.  My wife and 3-month old son lived with her mother for a brief time, then rented the ground floor of this house while I was vacationing in Southeast Asia.  I returned in March of 1972, and lived here only about six weeks until we bought our first house.

The house is in pretty good shape, but the neighborhood is in rapid decline.  The house looks like it has been re-sided, with new windows installed.  The door with the man sitting next to it leads to the upstairs apartment.  Our front door was in the middle of the porch, hidden by the porch pillars.  Our son, Jason, celebrated his first birthday in this house. President Gerald Ford’s birthplace is two blocks south of here.

Hmmm, random thoughts as I stare out the window for long periods of time.

Thought for the Day:  Old age is fifteen years older than I am.                                                                                                                          Oliver Wendell Holmes

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