Elkhorn House

Elkhorn House, 1980
Elkhorn House, 1980

New subdivisions, developed on rich fertile crop land that was once “out in the country”, look like miniature plastic houses placed on a cardboard game board — like our house, custom built on an empty lot three miles south of Elkhorn in 1976.  Even four years later, in this picture, the place looks rather stark.

Today, forty years later, it is still our house.  Our daughter was born here and all three kids grew up here … and left here to start their own families.  All eight grandkids know this place as “Nana’s and Papa’s”.   Soon, it will be a candidate for “This Old House”.

What was once needed living space for an active family of five has now become storage space for five generations of family “heirlooms”.   Talk about memories!

Thought for the Day:  Where we love is home — home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.                                                                                                 Oliver Wendell Holmes


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