Freezing Rain

Freezing Rain
Freezing Rain

Last week, I was on my front porch tempting fate after a night of freezing rain.  Should I leave the safety of dry pavement and retrieve the newspaper?   Like a guiding star, its ice-coated plastic bag  was glistening at the end of my driveway.  How bad can it be?

My first step was a cautious one, advancing my front foot two inches.  My knees were bent, my arms outstretched beside me, and I had a slight lean forward … looking like a 95 year old without his walker.  After two tiny steps on the glazed sidewalk, I began to slide.  Not a planned move, I must admit.  I just started sliding, without any effort at all, and continued for 3-4 feet.  Of course, I was in full control the entire trip … stopped by the flower bed.

While still standing, I had a decision to make:  1) Don’t move until Spring,  2) Take another 2″ step on the icy sidewalk and calculate the “slide” ratio; i.e. how many 2″ steps would it take to reach the paper, or 3) Walk through the flower bed.  I chose the flower bed.  When I reached the end of the driveway, still on the lawn, I could see that the plastic bag was just wind-blown trash frozen in place.   No newspaper delivery.  Doh!

Thought for the Day:  Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own mind.                                                                                                                Franklin D. Roosevelt

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