Old School Keyboarding

This young lad turns 8 today.  He is learning to type — called “keyboarding” nowadays.

For a lesson in ancient history, I dug out my Dad’s old typewriter (circa 1950); it’s what I learned to type on.  The beast must weigh 30 lbs!  He got to experience putting in the paper one page at a time, straightening it, setting the tab for indentation, the number row on top, reversing the ribbon, and hearing the bell telling him there were only five more spaces until a manual carriage return was required for the next line.  I showed him how to roll up the paper to correct a mistake with a hand eraser.  (Seriously, Papa?)   He knew what the home row was, but the raised rows of letters, like bleacher seats, was strange and, the strength it takes to make a key stroke … OH my!

Curses!  Another term paper!

Thought for the Day:  Happiness is tu6yp8 ng in the search window of Google.

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