Latest Hair Style

Latest Hair Style
USA Cheer Finals

I was outside my comfort zone — in a dark arena with a lit stage, surrounded by screaming fans and ear-splitting “music”.  On stage were energetic, athletic and fresh-faced middle-school girls looking possessed by the noise.

My granddaughter’s cheer team was competing in the USA cheer finals.  Many hours of practice go into their dance, tumbling and pyramid building routine … set to “music”.

The lighting is poor, the action is frenetic, and the routine (thankfully) lasts less than 3 minutes.  No time to experiment with camera adjustments.  It was a thrill watching her perform, and it took every ounce of willpower to keep shooting instead of gawking.

Wow!  What those girls can do!

Thought for the Day:  Success is the maximum utilization of the ability you have.                                                                                                                                     Zig Ziglar

4 thoughts on “Latest Hair Style

  1. Having raised 4 boys in football and 2 Tom boys (until puberty), my first attendance at a cheer competition was as foreign to me as a third gender. OSHA is still incapable of devising a test that could even approach quantifying my exposure to toxic amounts of hairspray and inhumane, high pitched screaming.


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