High Trestle Trail

High Trestle Trail

A 10′ wide concrete ribbon winds its way through central Iowa for over 25 miles.  What once was a Union Pacific railroad has been converted to the nicest bike trail I’ve ever seen.

Beginning in Ankeny, Iowa the High Trestle Trail goes through farmland, rolling hills and woodlands, ending up in Woodward, Iowa.  Before reaching Woodward, the trail crosses the Des Moines River on this half-mile long trestle standing 130′ above the river bed.  When the UP sold the property in 2003, they dismantled the bridge leaving the 22 concrete pillars, which was later dubbed, “Iowa’s Stonehenge”.

A gorgeous foot bridge and decorative steel work was built on the existing pillars as part of the bike trail.  The bridge is lit at night, so I’ve put it on my bucket list to return after dark.

Thought for the Day:  There is no distinctly American criminal class — except for Congress                                                                                                                    Mark Twain

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