Photojournalism is Dangerous!

Sarpy County Storm Damage

A severe thunderstorm blew through Sarpy County, Nebraska last Friday night. Straight-line winds of 125 mph were recorded in Papillion.  Wide spread damage was evident throughout the county: downed power lines, uprooted trees, split tree trunks, trees’ crowns snapped off, farm buildings with no roofs, etc.

This shot was taken southwest of Gretna, about 36 hours after the storm had passed, which turned out to be a potentially dangerous location.  Not from the storm, but from the distraught landowner who didn’t appreciate my trespassing.  He told me to, “Get the f#&% out of here!  Walk outta here while you still can!”

I was wrong, terribly wrong; I was trespassing, plain and simple.  I should have asked permission before stepping foot on his property.   While I meant no harm, I should have been more sensitive to the landowner’s property loss and emotional stress.  Photography can be bad for your health; don’t make the same mistake twice.

Thought for the Day:  We made too many wrong mistakes.                        Yogi Berra

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