Giant Sequoia Trees

Giant Sequoia Trees

The Sequoia tree is so large that getting a photo of the entire tree is impossible without a wide-angle lens.  I used a 16 mm wide-angle lens on this shot, but still had to back up about 100 yards to get them all in.   And these are young trees.

Sequoias are a separate and distinct specie from the Redwood.  Redwoods are taller than Sequoia, but not near as stout.  For example, a Redwood grows to 380′, has 12″ thick bark, a base diameter of 22′ and lives 2,000 years.  The Sequoia grows to 310′, has 31″ thick bark, a base diameter of  40′ and lives 3,200 years.  Redwoods are found in a narrow strip along California’s northern coast, where Sequoias grow on the west slope of the Sierra Nevada range.

Now you know.

Thought for the Day:  The most valuable antiques are not found in stores.  Unknown

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