Half Dome at Sunset

Sunset at Glacier Point

Standing above the clouds is weird, I mean standing on solid ground, not in an airplane, and looking down to the clouds below.  It is surreal!

Thick clouds came in about an hour before sunset, and I was peeved, as that was the whole reason I spent 12 hours on Glacier Point; i.e. to photograph the sunset.  A faint washed-out yellow disc was barely noticeable in the thick clouds and the temperature began to plummet.  I was about to pack it in when I noticed the Yosemite Valley floor was becoming less visible, not from darkness, but from what looked like smoke.  Smoke?  Forest fire?   No, a thermal inversion.

The clouds continued falling, and before long there was no view below … and no mountain peaks above.  I was in the cloud, sort of  a smoky dream world.  Gradually, Half Dome’s peak became visible.  It reminds me of a dolphin breaching the water’s surface.

Thought for the Day:  The earth has music for those who listen.               Shakespeare

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