Warnemunde, Germany

Warnemunde, Germany

A sleepy little village of 5,000, Warnemunde, Germany has not quite woken up to the advantages of having cruise ships stop here.  Cruise ships began stopping here only about five years ago, so it’s not touristy or commercialized yet … prices are still reasonable.

Quaint little shops line the pier with flower-draped lawns sloping gently down to the pier.  To the right of this picture is a three-block long pier lined with fishing boats converted to small intimate fish restaurants.  Many merchants speak only German and don’t seem to mind the difficulties of conversing with the invading hordes of tourists.

Not much to do here, except climb the old lighthouse, but I loved the homey feel to it.

Thought for the Day:  Life is but a journey, to travel is to live twice.      Omar Khayyam

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