Consciousness-Based Education

Maharishi University – Fairfield, Iowa

In the small town of Fairfield, Iowa there is Maharishi University of Management.  Cool, I thought, until I found out it is not a business school.

Their website states that, “you study traditional subjects while experiencing inner growth”. There are less than 1800 students (0nly 400 undergrads) enrolled in what appears to be a self-contained city on 370 acres on the north side of Fairfield.  “Self-discovery” is promoted by Transcendental Meditation to help the student attain “inner and outer sustainability.”  Okaaay.

Wow!  I felt like climbing the Tower of Invincibility (shown at left), but it was fenced off.

Thought for the Day:  The whole purpose of life is to gain enlightenment.   Nothing else is significant  compared to that completely natural, exalted state of  consciousness.  Maharishi Yogi

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