Helsinki City Center

Helsinki City Center

Like all European cities, regardless of size, Helsinki’s city center is the hub of daily activities.  The streets are crowded but friendly.   Tourists and locals bumping elbows, communicating as best they can, one seeking adventure the other making a living.

The city market, shown in this photo, sits right on the harbor, providing a wide array of sights, sounds and smells: vendors hawking their wares, fresh bread, many languages, work clothes, laughter, fashion models, architecture, professionals, sculptures, calloused hands, students, manicures, foods & snacks, bikes & buses, ferris wheel, tour boats, street artists, fishing boats, fountains, sail boats, vodka, diesel fuel, foghorns, leather satchels, ice cream, sandals, hairstyles, work boots, sidewalk cafes, coffee and beer.

So many things to see and so little time.

Thought for the Day:  He who wants to barter usually knows what is best for him.                                                                                                                                    African proverb

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