Bull Whip Kelp

I’ve heard of kelp.  I know it grows in the ocean, commonly called seaweed, and is often used in Asian cuisine.  That’s about all I knew about kelp until I found this specimen on a rocky beach of San Juan Island.

The bright yellow “blades” draped over the driftwood and rocks are 4-6″ wide and 10-12′ long.  As many as 60 blades can sprout out of a single “stipe”, which is the long cylindrical stem of the plant.  In the photo, that is the brownish-orange tube that looks like aged plastic tubing used in garden irrigation.  Stipes can be over 100′ long.

Kelp thrives in nutrient rich water, which is also essential for marine animals.

Thought for the Day:  Learn as if you were to live forever.                Mahatma Gandhi


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