Winchester Cathedral

Nave – Winchester Cathedral

I was puttering around, an “oldies” station playing in the background, when “Winchester Cathedral” came on.  Composed by the New Vaudeville Band in the mid-60’s, it’s a snappy little number … nothing like the reserved and reverent structure of its namesake.  I remember the cathedral as a highlight of my visit to the UK.

I dug out this picture to refresh my memory.  The distance to the altar from this camera position is the length of a football field.  Overall length of the cathedral is 554′.  Founded in 642 AD, the current structure was consecrated in 1093.

So much  history in this building alone, the UK makes US history look like Cliff’s Notes.

Thought for the Day:  The more you know about the past, the better you are prepared for the future.                     Theodore Roosevelt

One thought on “Winchester Cathedral

  1. HA! As soon as I saw the title of this blog, that song started playing in my mind☺ Definitely giving my age away on that one. I remember it coming from the radio down the hallway in my parent’s bedroom. The days before KFAB became all talk.

    I got to see St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC during our October trip of a lifetime, but it doesn’t seem all that big now in comparison….

    I’ll have to Google St. Pat’s and see how many feet it is just to satisfy my curiosity.

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