Reddish Heron

Reddish Heron

At the end of a quarter-mile board walk through a mangrove swamp, I found myself on a platform in shallow water with a 180 degree view of the Gulf of Mexico.  Sounds of Sarasota did not penetrate this site.  Dawn was breaking, and birds were noisily swarming in the sky.  Gradually, the wading birds began to show in the weak light.

A birder I had just met in the parking lot pointed out a rare Reddish Heron, but it was still too dark for me to see any color; I could distinguish shapes, but nothing else.  After a few minutes the reddish head became visible through the telephoto lens.  Quite a sight!

Texture was applied to the soft image for a painterly effect.

Thought for the Day:  The early bird gets the worm.                        American Proverb

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