H.S. Graduation

Jacob, 2018

Yesterday, my #1 Grandson, #2 Grandchild graduated from high school.  Whoa, hang on, is that possible!?  He was just born a couple years ago.

He graduated from a small Lutheran High School, only 83 in his graduating class.  But through the four years he attended, I could see  he was getting a very broad,  but intense education.  His four years on the baseball team helped diversify the classroom education.

He felt many of the things he learned in the classroom were “worthless”, but I believe he has a solid foundation on which to build a great future.  He has matured over the last four years, and has learned many valuable life-lessons that will serve him well in any pursuit.

Thought for the Day:  If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.   Milton Berle

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