Learning to Count

Learning to Count

A bright young girl in Uduru Lutheran Parish’s preschool shows the teacher she can count to 100.  Located near Moshi, Tanzania, this typical preschool relies on the church, volunteers and donations to prepare their youngsters for primary school.

The four year old students were so quiet and patient, I marveled at the teacher’s control of the classroom.  Perhaps they were somewhat mesmerized by the white guy dressed in funny clothes with a big camera. I notice two of them had their hands still folded from the morning prayer.

Since this picture was taken, over two years ago, the number of preschool students has ballooned to over 40 … but, their facilities have not changed.   Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thought for the Day:  An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.                                                                                                                                                             Ben Franklin

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