Lucy, 2006 – 2018

Lucy, 12, died yesterday; she was a birthday present to my granddaughter from her parents when she turned four.   An Australian cattle dog, Lucy was rugged, very tough and built strong to withstand the hooves of stray cattle … but, very affectionate.  As a pup, she would nip at our heels or take our hands in her mouth and try to lead us … very annoying.

Very intelligent, Lucy was probably the smartest dog I ever knew.  She would look into your eyes and you felt like you were being psychoanalyzed.  She obeyed only her master, my son, but was very protective of all master’s family or guests.  At family gatherings, Lucy would spend the day guarding the perimeter; back yard, front yard, two blocks away, or in the lake.  Lucy would be constantly roaming from one “guest” to the other making sure of their safety, always “herding” and “reporting” back to her master.

When my son’s family traveled, Lucy would “stay” with me.  Her master told her to “stay” with me and she obeyed me while her master was gone.  But when she looked into my eye, I got the feeling she considered me second fiddle; i.e. she only obeyed me because her master told her too.  She knew it and I knew it.

Lucy was buried down at the lake, where she loved the free space to roam and “herd” to her heart’s content, even swim to herd the swimmers.  I will miss her.

Thought for the Day:  If there are no dogs in heaven, then I want to go where they went.                                                                                                                       Will Rogers

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